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A Date With The Land Of Vintage And Joy- Kolkata

With the end of monsoon, the much awaited festive season approached bringing along the pleasant weather. Flooded with holidays, it finally was time to step away from the crowded and chaotic city and treat myself with a trip. This time I decided to explore ‘The City of Joy’, Kolkata. Being a history buff, the rich historical heritage of this city always fascinated me to pay a visit. With utter eagerness, I booked my tickets to witness the same.

As my train was slowly approaching towards Chitpur Railway Station’s platform, I could sense the lively ambience of the city with the loud and excited murmuring of the locals. After freshening up at one of the favorable hotels in Kolkata for family, I began my city tour. ‘What could be better than starting with the authentic tram trains?’ I thought. Gazing through the old lanes of the city, I was enjoying while drifting along the edge of the cool wind.

My first stop was ‘Jorasanko Thakurbari’. I couldn’t hold myself back from rushing in like a child to Tagore’s residence which now turned into a museum. Sprawling over 35000 sq. m, this family mansion of Rabindranath Tagore was built in 1785. I found few of my favorite Rabindra Sangeet such as Kotobar bhebechhinu apona bhulia, Tumi robe nirobe and Esho esho phire esho organized in the section of his old musical records. After the light and sound show, I left for my second stop.

Situated 5.7 km away from Jorasanko Thakurbari, Victoria Memorial was the next destination. Built in the memory of Queen Victoria, this white marbled monument was filled with tourists. This architectural gem was as beautiful as the travel books described it. The friendly guides there suggested me to wait till night to see the memorial all dwelled up with lights. But I still had lots on my plate to discover about this city. As my Kolkata hotel was just 8 minutes away from this monument, I went up there for lunch.

After enjoying some authentic Kolkata dishes, I decided to spend my evening at Howrah Bridge, which was situated just 6 km from the hotel. Stretching majestically along the Hooghly river, the first word I had in my mind at the first glance was ‘WOW’. Built without a single nut and bolt, this bridge was surprisingly capable of carrying 100000 and more number of vehicles per day. After watching the splendid sunset there, I headed back to my hotel. Being one of the best hotels in Kolkata for family among the numerous Kolkata hotels, the night was safe offering a sound sleep.

The next day I woke up with the urge of writing something of my own. Guess this vintage city awakened the writer inside me. So I spent the morning writing my thoughts down. As I wanted to take something back from this city, I dolled up for some shopping. After buying conch shell bangles for my mom, terracotta for home and a Bengali saree for me, I realized that my train back to home was in one hour. Carrying the mixed emotion of sadness and excitement, I left promising to come back and explore the other vintage aspects of this city.

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