Kenilworth Hotels & Resorts | 7 Offbeat Places In Kolkata For An Adorable Pre-Wedding Shoot
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7 Offbeat Places In Kolkata For An Adorable Pre-Wedding Shoot

Weddings! They carry a whole new beauty, charm, tons of rituals and crazy trends with themselves. From biennium or triennium, the concept of ‘Pre-wedding shoot’ has emerged to be one such trend. These basically are an adorable shout out to the world to save the date for your big day revolving around interesting themes such as ‘The Gourmet couple’, ‘Fitness lovers’ and many more. As the wedding season is about to kick start, the time for this pre-wedding ritual has arrived. Before you prep up with the wedding arrangements, make a smart move by sorting out the theme, place, dress, photographer and other essentials for your shoot. Kolkata would be a favorable destination for an adorable pre-wedding shoot with plethora of interesting places. To make your work simple, we have listed down the best locations where you can plan the shoot while staying at the wedding hotels in Kolkata:

Princep Ghat- For that perfect touch

Stretching along the Hoogly River, Princep Ghat, located at Fort Williams and surrounded by hotels in Kolkata, is not only the oldest architectural marvel of the city but one of the most picturesque spots. With beautiful backdrop and the white Gothic columns, this place can be creatively used for a pre-wedding shoot. Vibrant outfits would go well with the white background. And if you shoot during the sunset, then the gorgeous silhouette against the sky will add extra charm to your pictures.

Bow Barracks- A rustic feel

Bow Barracks is a British area with the residents of Anglo-Indian community. Its raw and red look serve as an unusual background for your dream pre-wedding shoot but if looked at it with a creative eye, this would rather create a rustic frame with some vibrancy. Matching the colonial aura, your theme could revolve around the old Bollywood style.

Kumartuli- Among the Gods

Tucked inside the Northern suburb of Kolkata, Kumartuli is a place where people head to for their sculpture shopping during Durga Pooja. Amidst the half colored and half made idols of Goddess Durga, create a pre-wedding photo shoot depicting the true essence of Kolkata. Dim lights would go well with the grey sculptures.

Maidan or Brigade Parade Ground- Two free love birds

Stretching from the Hooghly River in the west to Chowringhee, Park Street and surrounded by the wedding hotels in Kolkata, Brigade Parade Ground or Maidan, as the locals call it, is the largest Urban Park of the city of joy. Those looking for a simple yet elegant venue; Maidan is where you should head at. White Victoria Memorial and the dark grey sky as the backdrop accompanied with the tram tracks and lined green trees- this would be a beautiful combination for a gorgeous portrait for your dreamy pre-wedding shoot.

Wet-O-Wild- A crazy drop

Wet-o-wild is a water park located in Sector IV, Salt Lake in Kolkata. This not only is a place where all the young crowd head to for all the fun water rides but is also a location to get fun candid moments clicked with your loved ones with some crazy yet adorable expressions.

Botanical Garden- In the nature’s lap

With a stunning green backdrop of bamboos, palms and orchids, Botanical Garden, located at Shibpur in Kolkata is a simple yet classy option. The colorful, beautiful flora and the natural sunlight will add an oriental glamour to you pre-wedding photos.

Mallick Ghat Flower Market- In the midst of blossoms

What could be more beautiful and romantic than a flowery theme for a pre-wedding shoot?! Mallick Ghat is a flower market of Kolkata, which comes to life at 7 in the morning, ideal for a shoot revolving around the theme as flowers. Surrounded by the colorful blossoms, sacks and garlands of marigold and piles of different kinds of roses, it would surely provide a pretty backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot.

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